This came about due to having an idea for my next audio portrait where I wanted to shoot with as fast a shutter speed as possible.  I knew that the leaf shutter on my medium format camera should sync right up to 500th of a second, but I had never tested it so was not totally convinced and wanted to check this out beforehand.

We had friends staying so I asked their 8 year old son if he would mind being my model and he agreed, which was cool.  Having a house full of people and not wanting this to take too long, I just did a very fast test with a couple of speed lights and a large reflector for a background.   I was so happy with the result – I think in part it worked so well because I was not trying too hard.  The pose and composition were not that important, I just wanted to test my lens sync. (which works by the way), so I felt I could relax and have a laugh without any pressure.


Test Portrait
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