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Trip to Woolwich & Gravesend – Martin Scarland

After having a very positive experience on holiday using 35mm, I thought I would experiment some more, after getting inspiration and different views from various online sources. I bought a job lot of camera bits from eBay  2 x 35mm bodies and 3 lenses, then my mother gave me 2 more cameras from her charity shop.  So I had 3 Minolta’s and 1 Canon AE1.

So I took 2 Minolta’s and the Canon and some trusty HP5 and shot all 3 rolls while out with my dad on Monday; as usual he drew and I photographed. As an added constraint, one of the Minolta’s did not have a light meter so I decided that I would not allow myself to use any kind of light meter, when using that camera I had to decide the exposure using the sunny 16 rule.  It all worked very well, the whole roll was exposed very well when it was processed.  Fortunately all 3 cameras were functioning perfectly now they had new batteries. So a good day was had by all. Here are my results

Trip to Woolwich & Gravesend
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