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Out on Toys Hill – Martin Scarland

I went out photographing today.  I went to Toys Hill with my father, he wanted to do some sketching.  So we arrived and split up and arranged to meet back at the car at 12.30 .  I decided to follow a marked walk of 3.5 miles which was fine as I had nearly 3 hours to do it which would give me plenty of time to take pictures on the way.  I always find taking the first picture the most tricky, when your not quite sure if you are going to see anything.  So it’s not uncommon for me to have a sort of warm up shot just to get things started, after that things tend to flow quite well.  I did find Toys Hill quite taxing – not only the walking but the landscape too .  It was very sheltered and enclosed – I found this hard, may be a little grey and hard to find contrast.  I did my best with what I had and we will see in a day or two how the images look.  I am quite excited which is always a good sign.  Watch this space I will post my results when I have them.


Photos are all processed and scanned from Mondays shoot.  After lunch we went to Haxted and took some more pictures there, even though I was feeling tired and to be honest did not want to do any more.  I was happy to go home and drink tea.  Interestingly, percentage wise a lot more of the Haxted pictures were better that the Toys Hill ones.  So it was a good job I plodded on.

Out on Toys Hill
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