Portraits are not things I naturally do, as I find them difficult and often a bit disappointing. Recently I bought a new soft box with the intention of taking some portraits, I had agreed to take of the ministry team at my church. So when the time arrived I took the opportunity to go and take some test shots of my dad the artist John Scarland. Here is the result.

Photo of John Scarland


This is my dad’s audio story.  I asked him to record it many months ago when I first started making Audio Portraits. I had already taken this photograph back in 2016 and I have always loved it.  I’m not sure if the closeness of our relationship presents itself in the portrait, I like to think so.  Or maybe it’s just easier taking portraits of people you know and love so well.  Anyway, I love this one and have a listen to his Audio.

John’s Story
John Scarland

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