Up to now I have photographed largely anything, but I know I have been influenced by many landscape photographers such as Fay Godwin, John Blakemore and Michael Kenna and I love their work.  They do what they do in their style and yes, probably subconsciously I do things in my work that emulates them.  After finding my new local location earlier this week, I finally edited them last night.  I am pleased with my first efforts but it has left me a little uneasy that this may not be really my thing,  just what I think I like doing.  Here are 3 images of Fay Godwins that I love.

Of late I have found I am enjoying more urban compositions, and although I like them they are not really me either.  It can all get a bit street photography which is fine if thats what you want to do.  I have been following  Jason Lee on instagram and I love his take on things. His images have an American landscape feel with a little human intervention.  So I am thinking of taking the very Englishness of Fay Godwin’s work and searching out some English human intervention to make an interesting feel of my own.

Having thought about it here are some images I have taken over the last year that sort of fit.





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