This is about a faith-related response I have to some of my photographs.  As I looked at my photographs, I was beginning to see and notice different responses to the images as I viewed them – was this God talking to me?
I was encouraged to collect several Bible references that relate to these responses. By doing this I am able not only to have more confidence but also connect the image to my response and then to God’s word.


Fragile and Broken

This was two groups of pictures which I struggled to get a handle on. So I made a little booklet ...
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Being part of something bigger

I think 1 Corinthians 12 says it all. Remember to look closely at v22.  When I feel the most hopeless ...
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Living too close to the edge.

The good stuff is in the middle. Yet I gravitate to the edges where it is far more dangerous and ...
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Undeserving & Grace

Lord God your grace is all I will ever need. Not only that. You say that your power is made ...
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Direction & Guidance

Ask God with all your heart. He knows if you really mean it. Do you really trust him? His answer ...
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Strength & Power

I know that God is ultimately strong, and we can be made strong if we believe and trust wholeheartedly in ...
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